A Revolutionary Approach to Supply-Chain Infrastructure

Designed for Participants Involved in the Movement of Products

How many hands interact with a product before it reaches the end-user?

The answer varies widely depending on the industry and size of the system in which a product is made and moved. Still, the number of transactions and interactions between distinctive entities in a typical supply-chain is almost always greater than expected.

Even the most straightforward supply-chains are full of unavoidable complexities and costly inefficiencies. These logistical and communicative issues make it extremely difficult for small-to-midsize businesses to expand into global markets. Businesses using traditional supply-chain system are in dire need of more streamlined methods for participant and product interactions.

SupplyBloc Technology is a blockchain integrated system that offers complete transparency, trackability, and optimization of interactions within a supply-chain network. With an innovative combination of blockchain, communications, and software development technologies, SupplyBloc is revolutionizing businesses’ approach toward the management of supply-chain infrastructure.



SupplyBloc, Inc. a Nevada “C” Corporation, is offering to Accredited Investors a minimum of 1,000,000 and a maximum of 35,000,000 of its Common STO Stock Units consisting of 1 (one) share of Common STO stock and 4 (four) of SupplyBloc’s SUPX Utility Token for $1.00 per unit. The offering price per Unit has been arbitrarily determined by the Company.

The Company anticipates a 60 (sixty) day duration for the Offering. Early adopters will receive additional “bonus” tokens pursuant to the bonus schedule. No fractional tokens will be issued.

  • Token Price
  • 1SUPX = 0.25$