A Revolutionary Approach to Supply-Chain Infrastructure

Designed for Participants Involved in the Movement of Products

How many hands interact with a product before it reaches the end-user?

The answer varies widely depending on the industry and size of the system in which a product is made and moved. Still, the number of transactions and interactions between distinctive entities in a typical supply-chain is almost always greater than expected.

Even the most straightforward supply-chains are full of unavoidable complexities and costly inefficiencies. These logistical and communicative issues make it extremely difficult for small-to-midsize businesses to expand into global markets. Businesses using traditional supply-chain system are in dire need of more streamlined methods for participant and product interactions.

SupplyBloc Technology is a blockchain integrated system that offers complete transparency, trackability, and optimization of interactions within a supply-chain network. With an innovative combination of blockchain, communications, and software development technologies, SupplyBloc is revolutionizing businesses’ approach toward the management of supply-chain infrastructure.


  • Token Price
  • 1SUPX = 0.15$
  • BONUS 35%

The SUPX token is an integral facilitator of transactions within the SupplyBloc system. SUPX can be used to complete smart contracts, reward platform participants, and provide payments within auxiliary application systems.

The SUPX token presale offers a 35% bonus opportunity for contributors eager to receive SUPX at the lowest possible rate. SupplyBloc’s Pre-ICO sale of SUPX will last from May 15th 2018 to June 15th 2018. Join the SupplyBloc revolution today!

Acceptable forms of payment include: